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Vol 2, No 2: GREEN 2.0 A framework for research on pedestrian streets in America Abstract   PDF
Joseph Kott
Vol 1, No 1: RED A methodology hazard-based for the mitigation of the radon risk in the urban planning Abstract   PDF
Roberto Gerundo, Michele Grimaldi, Alessandra Marra
Vol 2, No 3: BLUE Adaptive cities. Incremental processes for a contemporary urban and territorial regeneration strategy Abstract   PDF
Anna Terracciano
Vol 1, No 1: RED Antropic origin of diffusion of phitopatogen agents. Some best practices to counter the fallout in economic-productive, social and cultural scope Abstract   PDF
Giovanna Ferramosca, Rocco Orefice, Carmen Prisco, Stefano Spera
Vol 2, No 3: BLUE Aquatic Urbanisms: Water as Planning and Territorial Instrument Considering The 9 Dash Line Policy Abstract   PDF
Gerhard Bruyns, Peter Hasdell
Vol 3, No 1: Sustainability Assessment of urban regeneration activities in the central area of Jos town, Nigeria Abstract   PDF
Japhet Musa, John Y. Dung-Gwom
Vol 3, No 1: Sustainability Building common knowledge for co-designing and implementing river contracts: the landscape units of the Simeto River Agreement Abstract   PDF
Giusy Pappalardo, Filippo Gravagno, Medea Ferrigno
Vol 3, No 2: Urban Water Management Building the resilient city. Strategies and tools for the city masterplan Abstract   PDF
Luca Barbarossa, Viviana Pappalardo, Francesco Martinico
Vol 2, No 2: GREEN 2.0 Characteristics and Planning Challenges of Hilltop Settlements in Jos Metropolis, Nigeria Abstract   PDF
John Y. Dung-Gwom, Adamu Samuel Jugu
Vol 2, No 2: GREEN 2.0 Characteristics, Trends and Spatial Distribution of Urban Migration in Malaysia: A Case Study of the Klang Valley Region Abstract   PDF
Mohd Fadzil Abdul Rashid
Vol 1, No 1: RED Climate change, urban vulnerability and adaptation strategies to pluvial flooding Abstract   PDF
Carmela Apreda
Vol 1, No 1: RED Climate risk, Environmental planning, Urban design Abstract   PDF
Mario Losasso
Vol 2, No 3: BLUE Community Engagement in an Urban Daylighting Project: A Case Study of a Salt Lake City Creek Abstract   PDF
Ivis García
Vol 1, No 1: RED Community-Based initiatives in post catastrophe scenarios: potentials and limitations to academic involvement and “Learning by Doing” Abstract   PDF
Renato D'Alençon, Cristina Visconti
Vol 2, No 2: GREEN 2.0 Cross-scale analyses for costal areas management: the case study of the Sorrentine Peninsula Abstract   PDF
Marina Rigillo, Stefania Oppido, Maria Cristina Vigo Majello
Vol 2, No 3: BLUE Cyanobacterial mats from the Carrizal, a geothermal spring pool in Mexico Abstract   PDF
Paola Cennamo, Luca Paino, Mario Vázquez-Torres, Paolo De Luca
Vol 3, No 1: Sustainability Cycling lanes and Stormwater Management: an integrated project. Montesilvano as a case study Abstract   PDF
Antonio Alberto Clemente
Vol 2, No 1: GREEN Draw to restore and represent urban green space in Santa Cruz de Tenerife Abstract   PDF
Andrea Donelli
Vol 1, No 1: RED Drosscapes Recycle: a strategy for risk management through landscape Abstract   PDF
Vito Cappiello, Francesca Fasanino
Vol 3, No 1: Sustainability Environment Friendly and Sustainable Transportation in Harare: Is a functional Transportation Tool Box Model the Answer? Abstract   PDF
Vincent Itai Tanyanyiwa
Vol 2, No 2: GREEN 2.0 Eroded resilience, Informal settlements predictable urban growth implications for self-governance in the context of urban violence in Medellin, Colombia. Abstract   PDF
Jota Samper
Vol 2, No 1: GREEN Expansion of the Prophet Mosque as a Catalyst for Sustainable Urban Development in Al-Madinah Almunawarah in Saudi Arabia Abstract   PDF
Usama A. Nassar
Vol 3, No 2: Urban Water Management Floods and insalubrity as the trigger for city restructuring in Spain: the case of Burgos Abstract   PDF
Bárbara Polo Martín
Vol 1, No 1: RED For a territorial organization with variable geometry Abstract   PDF
Maurizio Tira
Vol 3, No 3: BLACK Generations of waterfront regenerations: The Hamburg case Abstract   PDF
Federica Vingelli
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